5 Benefits Of Hotels With Function Venues

Hotels with function venues offer a ton of convenience versus standalone conference rooms or even hotels without any function rooms at all. The reason is that business people can use one – and even ordinary people alike – to host critical private meetings to discuss business with their colleagues or partners.

Here in Adelaide, no other hotel has quite the conference facilities like the Playford Hotel. Here are five benefits of hosting your indoor business meetings at The Playford Hotel function venues.


1.) A Wide Range Of Spaces To Use

The conference rooms conference by the Playford Hotel varies in some spaces, depending on the one you need. If you’re hosting a big event, you can go to the large variant. Else, if you’re hosting a small one, then the medium-sized function room will suffice. Whatever size of your conference expect the Playford Hotel to provide the ideal conference venue for your convenience.


2.) Access to Conference Equipment

By renting one of our rooms, you will also get access to various conference equipment that you can use during your meetings. We have projectors, a projector screen, a whiteboard, a large meeting table, and even a working office station for you to make things more organised during your meetings.


3.) Access to Hotel Amenities

Apart from getting access to a function room with all your needs during your private meeting, you and your colleagues will also get complete access to the hotel’s other perks. These features would include access to the hotel bar, fitness facilities, and so much more.


4.) Expert Assistance With Event Management

The Playford Hotel function venues have held numerous events and conferences throughout its existence. We’ve managed to assist with meetings big and small. That’s why we are very much well-versed and experienced with the ins and outs of event management. Our expert staff can assist you in making the necessary preparations for your conference or meetings, so you can avoid any potential obstacles ahead.



5.) Professional Event Staff

Last but not the least, we should also mention the quality of service that our event staff provide. We offer friendly and professional people who will help you with everything you need. Whatever your needs are, don’t hesitate to get help from the Playford Hotel event staff. We can help from A/V assistance, concierge, and many more.


Whatever type of event you’re hosting, whether it’s a small meeting, a large conference, or a special occasion, rest assured that the Playford Hotel function venues are here to provide you with everything you need. From the right conference room to the right people, we’ll get your event up and going by the time your guests arrive. If you’re interested in our services, contact the Playford Hotel today and let’s start making that ideal conference of yours a reality.