How to Choose the Ideal Synthetic Grass: Factors to Consider

Once you decide to install artificial turf on your lawn instead of real grass, you must know that it is a practical and perfectly reasonable decision. It is true that real grass is beautiful to look at, but most property owners give up the idea of having one due to the challenge it presents, including growing and maintaining it. With artificial grass Brisbane, you get the same aesthetic properties and value of real turf, minus the burden of maintenance. In other words, you get lush green lawn all year round without watering, cutting, or applying pesticides. Since fake gardens do not grow, it means they also won’t die. You enjoy the visual benefits with minimal maintenance costs.

But then again, you do have to acknowledge that not all artificial grass varieties out there come with premium quality. You want to avoid purchasing something that quickly deteriorates and does not offer the softness and fluffiness you expect. Before you start shopping for synthetic grass, be sure you learn of these factors first:

1 –Purpose

You first must figure out why you are buying artificial grass Brisbanein the first place. The most common uses for it are as an alternative to real grass in lawns and yards, dog kennels, outdoor living areas, playgrounds, and pool surrounds. If your purpose of purchasing synthetic turf does not fall under those mentioned uses, you first must research if the fake grass is practical for your specific objective. Thankfully, it is a versatile product that lets you apply and use it for a wide range of applications, including putting greens, balcony or rooftop grass, and even as a carpet for your bedroom.

2 – Physical Attributes

When it comes to physical attributes, you must factor in different things in buying the perfect artificial grass, including pile height, density, durability, feel, and colour. Each variety comes with unique characteristics perfect or ideal for different applications or uses. For example, you want the most durable variety if you intend to install the fake grass in building a playground for your kids and pets. Meanwhile, you want the ideal pile height if you want it to look perfect in your lawn.

3 – Quality

Be wary of low-quality artificial turf since you might end up wasting your money on buying it. While they may look like high-quality varieties, you will realise later that you got the wrong one when it starts deteriorating after only a few months. A cheaply made fake grass is not comfortable and will look great in a few months are so. It is best to buy your synthetic turf from a renowned manufacturer since it is the only method to ensure you are getting a premium quality product.

4 – Warranty

If you come across a seller of artificial grass that does not offer product warranty, it means that the product you are buying is shady in quality. Choose a supplier offering a product warranty of at least eight years.